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Line & Wrinkle Treatment

Botox Injections and Dermal Fillers performed by Doctors within Central London

Botulinum toxin (often known by the brand names of Botox or Vistabel) has been used in cosmetic medicine safely and effectively for over two decades. In that time it has helped millions of people worldwide to achieve smoother and more youthful-looking skin, especially in the upper part of the face. This is a non-surgical treatment whch is fast and easy to administer. It can be carried out by our experienced professionals either in your home or at our clinic.


As we age, it’s natural for the collagen in our skin to weaken. Factors such as too much sun exposure, excess facial movement, or genetic pre-disposition can greatly affect the rate at which a person ages.


Line and wrinkle treatment is perfect for anyone that is concerned about forehead creases, frown lines, crow’s feet, lines under the eyes, or lines on the upper lip. One of the biggest advantages of Botox is that the areas of skin that are untreated are not affected, meaning you can be just as facially expressive and, therefore, needn’t even tell friends, family, or work colleagues about your treatment.


Botox can also be used to help prevent and treat excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). Once injected into the area of concern, such as the underarms, it enters the sweat glands and blocks the nerve impulses without affecting other nerve functions.


Botox can also help the severity of medical conditions such as chronic migraines and eyelid spasms.


Our highly qualified practitioners can carry out line and wrinkle treatment in minutes,  either in the comfort of your own home or at our Harley Street Clinic. A very fine and almost completely painless needle is injected into the area of skin where wrinkles appear. The injection relaxes the muscles, greatly reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.


You will notice a visible improvement in the appearance of the injected skin within one to two weeks. Normally, the effect lasts for about four months and can be prolonged even further by combining it with other non-surgical treatments such as a Facial Peel. Clinical trials report that some patients that received treatment every three to four months over a twelve-month period only needed treatment once or twice over the following twelve-month period.


Crow’s feet / Glabella / Forehead

1 area: £200

2 areas: £275

3 areas: £350

Top Up

A free top-up (only after 2 weeks and only for upper face expression lines in areas listed above) is available to our clients.

Botox from £200 administered by Dr Bruno Amendola from central London.

Botox has an excellent track record with safety, with over 2.5 millions users to date in the UK, France, Italy, Spain, and Germany. With how small the doses are, there is not very much that can go wrong. However, with that being said, we cannot stress how extremely important it is to have the treatment performed by a highly-experienced professional who will listen to your wants and expectations in order to give the best possible results, without the risk of “over-injecting” the skin. Dr. Bruno Amendola has had two decades of experience doing these injections, making him one of the utmost skilled and trusted practitioners within his field.



There is no downtime after receiving this procedure and you can resume normal activities right away, making it one of the most ideal treatments for people who have a busy life or career. In some cases, slight bruising may occur, but this can easily be covered with light makeup.

The overwhelming majority of people who receive line and wrinkle treatment with us find that there is little to no pain involved whilst receiving the injections. With the amount of care and precision that our practitioners bring, the most you should feel is a mild sting on your skin that lasts only seconds. Also, a topical numbing cream can be applied to the surface of the skin if the client has any anxiety about the procedure.


Yes. Botulinum toxin was first cleared in 1989 by the FDA for the treatment of a medical eye condition. However, in 2002, the formula (then renamed Botox) was cleared by the FDA as a safe and reliable cosmetic treatment.


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